Our Classic Grapevine Design Grills, which can be used for custom air vent covers, as registers, for return air registers and more are available in twelve popular sizes.

Our Custom Grape Vine Grill or Grape Leaf Grille is pictured above with an Air Supply Damper.

Air Supply Dampers, also called Air Supply Louvers in an air vent cover regulate airflow.

Our Air Supply Dampers (or air supply louvers) assembly for our custom designed grilles, registers and air vent covers include:  a wheel lever for accuracy when regulating air flow, a recessed face-plate that allows your new grill to fit tightly against the wall, floor or ceiling.  Floor register covers include a sturdy inside grille to support heavy foot traffic for floor vent covers.

All of Classic Grills standard-sized air supply grills include an adjustable damper.  For sizes other than our standard sizes commonly available, contact our Classic Grills Sales Team for a quote at Sales@ClassicGrills.com or call 760-213-0427.

Our DIAMOND pattern custom grill in resin is a simple design, but one that adds a delicate sophistication to a room.

The DIAMOND pattern design has been used in classical and contemporary projects as well as many other types of homes. 

Grills can be provided with or without O.B.D. Dampers.  Dampers can also be supplied separately.
Resin Grills can be provided with or without holes for screws.  Just let us know when ordering your new custom grill!

We use a proprietary thermal resin formulation in our resin grills.  Our grills can be supplied in any size, in both flat and concave or convex profiles to match the curve of a wall or ceiling.  Please visit our website at www.ClassicGrills.com for recommended painting and staining instructions.

Grill Installation - Air Registers How to Install in your home

In so many grill installations you see these days, the grill or register is just screwed to the wall or ceiling and considered complete (not). For a professional looking installation and to really soften the look, here are a couple of simple tricks that you may find helpful. After removing the old grill, clean the inside of the ceiling or wall box with a damp cloth or household cleaner. Get yourself a rattle can of flat black spray paint. Spray the inside of the ceiling or floor box to darken the background. Don’t forget to mask around the box to prevent overspray. IF you are proficient with a spray can you can shield around the box with a piece of cardboard. To install the grill or register, screw the register to the ceiling or wall with the screws provided. Next is the important step that will set your installation apart from the others. Purchase a tube of painter’s latex caulking. Apply the caulking around the edge of the grill where the grill meets the wall. With a damp paper towel smooth out the seam until it blends smoothly. This process not only softens the look it also glues the grill to the wall or ceiling, hiding any unevenness in the ceiling or wall. This is the same process high end painter’s use on baseboards and door jambs. I hope you found this information useful. I promise it will really enhance the look of your installation.

ClassicGrills.com or DistinguishedDesignGrills.com   sales@ClassicGrills.com  760-213-0427

Filtered return grills available

Classic Grills is now providing filters on our air return grills. 
At this time, filtered air return grills are available in aluminum. 

We provide a 1" disposable filter and a black foam insert

The black foam insert can be washed and reused.  Replacement inserts are available through ClassicGrills.com

Our Round Custom Grills - Registers - Vent Covers, now with dampers!

Our Round Renaissance Registers (round Grills, round vent covers)
are now available with dampers as well as screens.
The dampers provide more accurate air flow control

A different design - octagon pattern custom air vent covers

Pictured below in a black finish, Octogon Grills and Registers and vent covers are available in several popular sizes.