Medieval Themed Desgins - Renaissance themed home decor

Are you a fan of medieval swords, renaissance clothing, shelds, helms?  Complete yourself with all things medieval in your home with renaissance themed air vent covers, air register covers and more! 

Renaissance Grilles / Registers / Vent Covers are available in over 200 sizes in both rectangular and round shapes.

Art Deco Themed Home Decor - Modern Themed Home Decor

Shown above in aluminum....Classic Grills Art Deco themed grill
Art Deco grills have an adjustable damper and are available in several popular sizes
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Tropical Themed Registers, Grilles, Vent Covers bring a room together

Is your outdoor entertainment space a tropical paradise?  Complete your tropical theme with Classic Grills Tropical Themed air registers, grills and vent covers!

Wine Lovers' Delight! Wine Lovers Gift Ideas!

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Do you love everything wine?  Are you a wine enthusiast? 
Introduce yourself and your fellow wine lovers to our
Grape Leaf Grilles, Grape Leaf Air Registers and Grape Leaf Air Vent covers
Hand Crafted Custom Grape Leaf Grilles are available in twelve (12) popular sizes.

Pictured above in Bronze Finish with a black diffuser screen.  The Black Screen is designed to diffuse the air evenaly across the grill, while enhancing the look of your accent grill. 

How to cover an opening in and around your home

Have you been looking for an elegant way to deal with an opening into your home?  Maybe it's an attic vent that looks so oh-ho-hum that you'd like to upgrade?  Upgrade your home's curb appeal with a custom vent cover!

Custom air vent covers, air return registers and more are available in over 200 sizes.