Purchasing a new air vent cover or register cover? Measuring is very important!

Perplexed at how to measure your existing air vent covers? 

It's easy!  There's just three simple steps for sizing your grill, register cover or air vent cover!

1.  Always remember the size of the grill is the same size as the opening in the wall, ceiling or floor.  The size is not the outside dimension of a grill cover. 

2.  Measure the length of the opening first.  ("A" in the diagram below).

3.  The height would be the vertical top to bottom measurement.  ("B" in the diagram below).

4.  Most register manufacturers size their grills in two-inch increments.  For example:  Length ("A" in the diagram above) might be found in typical sizes ranging from 10", 12" or 14".
Height ("B" in the diagram above) might be 4", 6" or 8". Your grill size might be a little smaller or the wall opening size might be a little larger.  This is normal; it creates a loose fit in the wall for the grill.  The loose fit allows room to properly level the grill. 

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Do I need Dampers?

Dampers, also called louvers, control the flow of air and can actually be a great way to save money on your heating costs. 

Dampers are attached to our ClassicGrills by either 2 (two) or 4 (four) Phillips screws, the total number of screws depends upon the total size of the grille, register or air vent.

Classic Grills provides dampers or louvers on all of our standard-sized air supply metal grills.  For custom sizes, just contact our Sales team for a quote by phone (760-213-0427) or email at Sales@ClassicGrills.com 

Our dampers are adjustable with each damper assembly including:
  • a wheel lever for accurate air control
  • a recessed face-plate that allows your new grill to fit tightly against the wall, floor or ceiling
  • a 1/4" decorative face-plate on bronze custom grills, connected by 4 screws that allow for easy maintenance
  • on floor grills, a sturdy inside grille to support heavy foot traffic
  • on floor grills, you can request "no holes"
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DIY Exterior Home Upgrade

Looking for a new DIY Exterior Home Project idea?

Upgrade your home's attic vents  to create a visual impact and increase curb appeal.

Attic ventilation plays an important part not only in cooling down attic space but adequate attic ventilation can actually prevent roof damage.

Your attic's vents should include:

  • intake vents, located typically at the lowest part of the roof under your eaves that allow cool air to enter the attic.  
  • exhaust vents, located at the highest parts of your roof that permit hot air to escape. 

Enhance the beauty of your attic intake vents by choosing one of the many custom designed grills available at ClassicGrills.

If you've surrounded your home with flowers, why not upgrade your attic's intake vents with Classic Grills custom flower designed grills? 
If your attic's intake vents run the entire length of your eave, Classic Grills offers custom made vents to fit any size, any curve you may have on your home. 
Just contact our team with any questions you may have at Sales@ClassicGrills.com 

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DIY Home Projects - Why choose Classic Grills Resin for Air Vents, Grills or Registers?

What is the advantage of using Classic Grill's proprietary thermal resin for grills? 

Thermal resins that Classic Grills uses today were developed by NASA for use in the space industry.  These resins used by Classic Grills are a perfect fit for the architectural design industry. 

The durability and ability to create an array of designs and sizes in Classic Grill's resin sets Classic Grills apart from what is available on the market today. 

Classic Grills worked for many years to create a formulation that would be
  • Thermal. (both against high and low temperatures)
  • Rigid.  Being rigid is obviously critical to have in a final grill (air vent cover, register) which will not warp.
  • Moldable.  Classic Grills can form the material prior to full canalization to conform to a desired radius.
  • Paintable.  Paint adhesion to the grilles is truly important, especially with the temperature variation that grilles, air vents or registers are subjected to.
  • Nail-able.  Classic Grills in resin have similar characteristics to wood when it is pin-nailed or screwed.
  • Dimensionally Stable.  It is important that the resin does not expand nor contract with temperature variations experienced with a system as this can cause warping or a failure of adhesion to the resin surface.
  • Moisture Resistant.  Classic Grill's goal is to allow our customers to use Distinguished Design Grilles for both interior and exterior applications.

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DIY Furniture Project using Classic Grills Art Deco Grills

Breathe new life into your cupboards or cabinets with an easy DIY furniture upgrade!

Re-invent your cupboards or cabinets by replacing their doors with custom sized grills.

Let your decorating ideas flow!

Classic Grills Art Deco Grills have replaced the sliding doors of this home's entertainment storage center.  Build something extraordinary! 

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