DIY Exterior Home Upgrade

Looking for a new DIY Exterior Home Project idea?

Upgrade your home's attic vents  to create a visual impact and increase curb appeal.

Attic ventilation plays an important part not only in cooling down attic space but adequate attic ventilation can actually prevent roof damage.

Your attic's vents should include:

  • intake vents, located typically at the lowest part of the roof under your eaves that allow cool air to enter the attic.  
  • exhaust vents, located at the highest parts of your roof that permit hot air to escape. 

Enhance the beauty of your attic intake vents by choosing one of the many custom designed grills available at ClassicGrills.

If you've surrounded your home with flowers, why not upgrade your attic's intake vents with Classic Grills custom flower designed grills? 
If your attic's intake vents run the entire length of your eave, Classic Grills offers custom made vents to fit any size, any curve you may have on your home. 
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