Purchasing a new air vent cover or register cover? Measuring is very important!

Perplexed at how to measure your existing air vent covers? 

It's easy!  There's just three simple steps for sizing your grill, register cover or air vent cover!

1.  Always remember the size of the grill is the same size as the opening in the wall, ceiling or floor.  The size is not the outside dimension of a grill cover. 

2.  Measure the length of the opening first.  ("A" in the diagram below).

3.  The height would be the vertical top to bottom measurement.  ("B" in the diagram below).

4.  Most register manufacturers size their grills in two-inch increments.  For example:  Length ("A" in the diagram above) might be found in typical sizes ranging from 10", 12" or 14".
Height ("B" in the diagram above) might be 4", 6" or 8". Your grill size might be a little smaller or the wall opening size might be a little larger.  This is normal; it creates a loose fit in the wall for the grill.  The loose fit allows room to properly level the grill. 

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